Our Story

Since 1895

At the cusp of the 20th century, Danish immigrant families in the fertile hills of Fresno, California, joined to form a dairy cooperative modeled after those they’d left behind in Denmark. Named after its heritage, Danish Creamery launched a legacy of Old World-quality butter made from pasture-raised cows on family farms.

A proud heritage.

For generations, the Danish Creamery brand has remained synonymous with quality in homes across the West, a source of pride for our family dairy farms. After over a century, our butter is still churned fresh daily, made from the nutritious, high-quality cream of California pasture-raised cows.

Our Farms

From pasture-raised cows.

We believe the secret to velvety, rich butter lies in the health of our cows and our land. For that reason, our family farmers ensure that the cream in our butter comes from cows that are humanely raised, munching grass in wide open spaces, just as nature intended. Each foil-wrapped stick of Danish Creamery Butter begins with a commitment to sustainability, open California pastures, and grass-fed, humanely raised cows.