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The original.

Since 1895, our recipe for the original Danish Creamery Butter hasn’t changed: high-quality cream from pasture-raised cows, and a touch of sea salt. Wrapped in foil to preserve flavor and aroma, Danish Creamery Butter serves everyday culinary applications, from cooking and baking to melting on warm toast.


European, creamy, smooth.

Crafted with cream from the same pasture-raised cows, but with 85% butter fat for a richer taste and texture, Danish Creamery European Style Butter performs flawlessly in baking applications. Bake your fluffiest biscuits, your flakiest pie crusts, your butteriest cakes and pastries with this, our creamiest butter yet.

Slow-churned for a velvety texture, our Danish Creamery European Style Butter combines the butter you love with a touch of sea salt.

Ideal for baking, unsalted Danish Creamery European Style Butter brings Old World quality and delicate, rich flavor to every dish.


The flavor of fresh-churned butter, now in spreadable.

Now you can enjoy the flavor of our Old World, fresh-churned butter as a spreadable topping on your favorite foods. Blended with organic virgin coconut oil for a smooth, spreadable texture, Danish Creamery Spreadable Butter is made with organic cream that also meets non-GMO standards.