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See how these popular YouTube chefs are using Danish Creamery butter as their secret ingredient.

Recipes worth savoring

Opera cakes, so named for their resemblance to the interior balconies of an opera house, typically include layers of almond and coffee-soaked sponge cake, coffee buttercream and chocolate ganache. For our update on the classic, we swapped coffee for green tea and matcha, the vibrant green powder traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies. The result is a light, sophisticated layered dessert fit for royalty.
Delight the purple-lover in your life with this extra-special purple pie, bursting with mixed berries and set within a purple crust. Why is it purple? Freeze-dried blueberries are crushed into a fine powder and mixed into the pastry dough, adding a little unexpected flavor (and a lot of unexpected color) to the final result.

Our Story and heritage

In 1895 Danish immigrant families in the fertile hills of Fresno, California joined to form a dairy cooperative. Since then, the Danish Creamery brand has remained synonymous with quality in homes across the West.

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