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See how these popular YouTube chefs are using Danish Creamery butter as their secret ingredient.

Recipes worth savoring

Experience a medley of naturally sweet flavors beginning with the refreshing appeal of citrus followed by tropical bursts of mango. The chopped pecans add texture and a delicate crunch, yet it’s the layer of ginger honey butter that makes this bread habit forming.
This bread pudding combines flavors reminiscent of “French Toast” with apples and sweet maple butter. The butter, nuts, and brown sugar that are added to the pan just before baking form a glaze when the loaf is inverted and unmolded. Serve slices topped with the maple compound butter.

Our Story and heritage

In 1895 Danish immigrant families in the fertile hills of Fresno, California joined to form a dairy cooperative. Since then, the Danish Creamery brand has remained synonymous with quality in homes across the West.

At Danish Creamery, we’ve been churning quality butter for over 100 years. As a cooperative of family-owned farms, sustainability isn’t just an initiative—it’s a tradition.

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